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Monkey King Rolling Papers

Monkey King Blue Splash Touch and Smell Rolling Papers with Tips

1.99 Inc VAT

Purize Xtra-Slim Activated Carbon Filters – Yellow

16.98 Inc VAT
Purize Smoking Filters
Purize Smoking Filters

33 Purize Xtra Slim - Mixed Colour Bag

5.50 Inc VAT

33 Purize Xtra Slim – Mixed Colour Bag

5.50 Inc VAT

Elevate Your Smoking Ritual with Purize Xtra Slim – Mixed Colour Bag: The Ultimate Filter Collection
Discover the quintessential PURIZE® experience with our XTRA Slim Size filters, now available in a convenient and stylish 33-pack mixed colour collection! This offering not only embodies the PURIZE® original quality but also introduces an exciting blend of colors that add flair to your smoking sessions.
A Resealable Wonder: Experience the convenience of our Slim Size activated carbon filters, now elegantly presented in a resealable and functional 33-pack mixed colour bag. This packaging not only enhances usability but also provides a price advantage over smaller packs, ensuring your smoking journey is both seamless and economical.
Unveiling the Ultimate Filtration: Let activated charcoal redefine your smoking experience. These filters remarkably reduce the absorption of harmful substances, delivering a cool, dry, and aromatic inhalation that harmonizes with the well-being of your lungs. Catering to all types of roll-your-own enthusiasts, our filters prioritize your pleasure and comfort. With both end caps crafted from ceramic, insertion and direction concerns become a thing of the past.
Crafted for Excellence: Witness the prowess of PURIZE® Filters. Handcrafted from environmentally-conscious raw materials and proudly “Made in Germany”, these filters encompass a fusion of quality and sustainability. Measuring ø 5.9 mm x 26.9 mm and filled with coconut-based activated carbon, they embody the finest in filtration technology.
Advantages at a Glance:
• Universally compatible for all hand-rolled enthusiasts
• Elevate your indulgence with a remarkably milder smoking experience
• Immerse in the peak of quality with our high-grade activated carbon
• Revel in the best-in-class filtering properties for unparalleled purity
Embrace the Mix: Embark on a sensory journey with the mixed colour filter collection. Each draw is a celebration of form and function, beautifully blending colours with performance. The ø 5.9 mm XTRA Slim Size filters promise a smoking experience that resonates with your style and sophistication.
Packaging Innovation: Our 33-pack mixed colour bag comes meticulously designed to cater to your smoking needs. Crafted with care, this packaging offers an optimal balance of aesthetics and practicality, ensuring your filters remain secure and accessible.
Elevate your smoking journey with the Purize Xtra Slim – Mixed Colour Bag. Celebrate the art of smoking with a touch of elegance, quality, and innovation that only PURIZE® can provide.

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