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Headshop Pipe

K. Haring Spoon Pipe in Yellow

50.00 Inc VAT

Groove 7″ Round Tube Water Pipe

59.99 Inc VAT
Headshop Bong
Headshop Bong

Groove 12" Straight Tube Water Pipe

90.00 Inc VAT

Groove 12″ Straight Tube Water Pipe

90.00 Inc VAT

Introducing the Groove 12″ Straight Tube Water Pipe – a testament to simplicity, functionality, and reliability in the world of glassware. Crafted with precision and designed for an impactful smoking experience, the Groove Glass Line stands as a paragon of high-quality materials and timeless aesthetics.

The Groove Straight Tube Water Pipe boasts clear glass with sleek black accents, creating a classic look that transcends trends. Its clean and minimalist design ensures a timeless appeal that will stay in style for the long run, making it a must-have for enthusiasts who appreciate both form and function.

Key Features:

Simple. Functional. Reliable: The Groove Glass Line epitomizes value, offering products that are straightforward, practical, and trustworthy. Experience sessions that are as smooth as they are reliable.

Timelessly Classic: The design, featuring clear glass with black accents, gives the Groove Glass Line a timeless, classic look. Enjoy a style that never goes out of fashion and complements any smoking setup.

Clear Glass With Black Accents: The combination of clear glass and black accents adds a touch of sophistication, creating a visual appeal that stands out in any collection.

Ground Glass Connections: Designed with precision, the ground glass connections ensure a seamless and secure fit, enhancing the overall durability of the water pipe.

12” Height: Standing at 12 inches, this straight tube water pipe provides the perfect balance between size and impact, delivering a smooth and powerful smoking experience.

14mm Bowl: The 14mm bowl adds versatility to your sessions, accommodating your preferred smoking material with ease.

Dry Herb Compatible: Whether you prefer dry herbs or other smoking materials, the Groove Straight Tube Water Pipe is designed to cater to your preferences.

Experience the value at its finest with the Groove 12″ Straight Tube Water Pipe. Elevate your smoking sessions with a product that combines simplicity, functionality, and reliability. Order now and discover the perfect balance of style and impact for an unforgettable smoking experience.

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