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CANNA MONO Phosphorus P17% 1L

21.50 Inc VAT

Biobizz All-Mix 50 Litre

21.50 Inc VAT
Bio Bizz All Mix

Rock Wool Block 40X40X40mm

0.25 Inc VAT

Rock Wool Block 40X40X40mm

0.25 Inc VAT

When it comes to planting seeds, rockwool blocks offer numerous benefits. These blocks have excellent water retention and air-to-water ratio, thanks to their porous structure. This feature ensures that roots receive the right amount of oxygen and moisture, promoting healthy growth. Rockwool blocks are also pH neutral, making them perfect for any growing medium. Additionally, they are sterile, reducing the risk of diseases and pests affecting your plants. They’re easy to use and can be transplanted directly into soil or hydroponic systems. Start your plants off right with rockwool blocks, the reliable and effective solution for your seed planting needs.

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