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SMC Spidermite Control eliminates spider mites in an all-natural way
• smothers the mites in a thin film of oil
• Quick and completely safe to use
• Leaves no harmful residues
• affordable and effective
SMC Spidermite Control consists of a special mixture of plant extracts and eliminates spider mites in an absolutely natural way. Spidermite Control is sprayed diluted with water on the infested leaves and closes the spider mites’ airways with a thin film of oil. The spider mites suffocate and the formation of new larvae is also prevented. SMC Spidermite Control is a 100% organic concentrate and is harmless to humans, animals and plants alike.
SMC Spidermite Control works quickly and sustainably
While Spidermite Control smothers spider mites, it evaporates into the air, leaving no harmful residue. Also, unlike chemical pesticides, spider mites cannot develop resistance to the physically acting Spidermite Control.
Spidermite Control can be used against spider mites just as well as against red spiders, thrips and many other pests. Beneficial insects, on the other hand, remain completely unaffected by Spidermite Control.
Spider mites as a serious threat to all plants
Spider mites can pose a very serious threat to any grower. Preferably, spider mites form in hot and dry environments, for example in the late summer and autumn.
Until damage to the plant occurs, spider mites are barely visible to the naked eye. They usually gather on the underside of the leaves, where they extract fluid from the plant and break down chlorophyll. Visible signs include the formation of spider webs and white or yellow spots on the top of the leaves. In larger colonies, spider mites can cause serious damage by withdrawing plant fluids and breaking down chlorophyll.
Instructions for use:
SMC Spidermite Control is a concentrate for mixing with water. Shake bottle well and dilute 25 ml Spidermite Control with one litre of water. At the first sign of spider mite infestation, spray all surfaces of the plant with a thin mist. SMC Spidermite Control can be applied at all stages of plant growth. Never spray SMC Spidermite Control on flowers

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