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BioVentis Silica Gel Spray 550ml

13.50 Inc VAT

CANNA MONO Potassium K16% 1L

21.50 Inc VAT
Canna Mono
Bio Canna

BioCanna BioFlores

13.5017.50 Inc VAT

BioCanna BioFlores

13.5017.50 Inc VAT

For an exuberant bloom, scent and flavor.
The plants’s nutritional needs change at the beginning of the blooming period. Canna Bio Flores provides the plant with the necessary minerals and bioactive substances in proper proportions for an exuberant bloom, scent and flavor.
Among other things, Bio Flores contains hop extract. Hop extract contains substances such as lupulin, luparol, lupulon and humulon, which provide the plant with extra blooming power.
• Bio Flores is designed specifically for fast-growing varieties of plants and is a one-part organic soil nutrient.
• Bio Flores contains a well balanced range of nutritional elements which has been adjusted to suit the Bio Terra Plus soil’s nutrient retention properties for optimum nutrient results.
• Bio Flores stimulates the formation of fruits and provides the required nutrients to do so, it also contains Hop extracts which promote vigorous, healthy flowers

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Soil – Yes
Coco – Yes
Growth – Yes
Flower – Yes
Root Booster – Yes
Flower Stimulator – Yes
Organic Nutrients – Yes
Manufacturer – Canna

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